“Look The Way You Feel”

em“, is a pronoun in Vietnamese and is used when referring to someone who is younger.  At the em clinic, rejuvenation is our manifesto and results are our focus.   We strive to reverse the signs of aging so that you can look the way you feel.  Rejuvenation is a prescription that is individualized to each patient.  The latest techniques and technology are employed – from PRP (platelet rich plasma) to IPL (intense pulse light) to antiwrinkle injectables, mesotherapy and body contouring – to make you feel the way you look!

We combine these therapies in unique combinations to produce the most dramatic finish. Our techniques include 3D and the exclusive 4D treatment. For individuals who would like to keep it as natural as possible, we offer meso lift, and PRP for lip augmentation. We’re a medical team that is passionate about quality, cosmetic care for all skin tones, ages and conditions. For that reason, we have invested in a line-up of advanced equipment and dedicated ourselves to providing precision and an eye for detail in all our treatments. Explore our modalities, devices, or the wide array of conditions that are treatable.

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